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Wellness and Stress Management

Summary: Help telecommunicators to manage and remove mental and physical stress. (program details)

Duration: One Day

Results: Learn what you can do to neutralize negative stressful effects to increase your chances of living longer and performing better on (and off) the job.

Instructor: Randall Revling, Criminal Justice Academy Director for North East Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and former captain with the Brown County, Wisconsin Sheriff's office, and a renowned specialist in fitness and stress management for Kebcor.com.

Topics Covered in this Seminar:

 Managing and Controlling Stress:

Assessing your stress profile and stress awareness.

 Techniques to minimize the frequency and intensity of the stress response.

 Techniques to use stress and promote body consciousness.

 Strategies to prevent and reduce stress.

 Creating a personal social engineering analysis form.

 Evaluating self-image and self-esteem.

Improving Health and Performance:

 Reducing and preventing lower back pain.

 Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

 Improving cardiovascular/respiratory endurance.

 Reducing and maintaining low body fat.

 Increasing muscular-skeletal strength and stamina.

 Improving joint flexibility.

 Maintaining proper nutritional intake.

Program Details: This is a realistic one day program designed to help you manage mental and physical stress-and function at a higher level to be more productive at work and a home.  Telecommunicators respond to a highly demanding environment.  They are the air traffic controllers of the ground.  The wide range of traumatic incidents and calls they receive require prompt, alert communication.  Sometimes these incidents are challenged by liability suits.

As we grow older stress takes a heavier toll on the person mentally and physically as a result of unexpected or quick responses they encounter.  Physiologically, our bodies respond to stress in a predictable way:  blood pressure, respiration rate, and metabolism increase; adrenaline enters the bloodstream; blood flow is directed to the extremities.  You literally have been prepared for “fight or flight” in a given situation.  This program explains what you can do to neutralize these negative effects and increase your chances of living longer and performing better on the job.

Who Should Attend: If you’re committed to wanting to do a better job at work and if you want to stay on the cutting edge of high risk incidents and benefit from greater personal well being for you and your family, gain control of and enrich the quality of your life, and maximize your energy.

You Should Attend This Seminar!

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