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Wellness and Stress Management Seminar

Summary: Law Enforcement is a highly stressful profession and telecommunications is likely the most stress intensive area. There is an organizational and personal need to understand the causal factors of stress, it's early warning signs and the methods to target a healthy life style that are critical to improvement of employees and the organization.

Duration: One Day

Results:Those attending this class will have the personal opportunity to identify the warning signs of stress, and the warning signs that are occurring, or have occurred in their life. With this understanding, the common causal factors will be explained, along with various coping techniques that may be appropriate to the individual. Additionally, discussions will be held explaining lifestyle activities that are known to reduce the negative effects of stress.
Most importantly, students will interact in a system of individual goal setting, and goal achievement, that has already been exceedingly beneficial to thousands of people. Assimilating the core abilities discussed in class will enable the student to form an essential set of skills that will enable them to maintain successful fulfilling employment. The hallmark of this class is that it is a reliable mechanism for positive long term change in those who also want to give a gift to those they love, by applying these principles in their daily lives.
bullet Instructor: Randall Revling, Captain (Ret.), Brown County, Wisconsin Sheriff's Department, Green Bay, Wisconsin and past Criminal Justice Academy Director for North East Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and renowned specialist in human fitness, wellness, stress management, resource improvement, goal setting and achievement for communication and sworn personnel.

Topics Covered in this Seminar:

 Managing and Controlling Stress:
Understand and appreciate diversity
 Learn and Communicate Effectively
 Apply Relavant Technologies
 Demonstrate Global Awareness and Sensitivity.
 Work Cooperatively
 Model Responsible Behavior
 Value Self
 Think Critically and Creatively
 Set and Achieve Goals


Who Should Attend: If you’re committed to wanting to do a better job at work and if you want to stay on the cutting edge of high risk incidents and benefit from greater personal well being for you and your family, gain control of and enrich the quality of your life, and maximize your energy.

You Should Attend This Seminar!

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