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to: Chief of Police

Subject: Police Support Service Assistance

From: George Burnetti, President,                DATE:  April 13, 2010

         As a Chief of Police in a small agency, you constantly labor with police support services tasks, and struggle to locate administrative staff to complete needed projects.  Time, a Chief’s valuable commodity, becomes your adversary, leading to overload and stress, which will eventually affect performance in your department.  

         Rather than losing time or fighting the budget battle to acquire personnel for administrative services projects, you can recapture your time and sanity, and begin “working smarter rather than harder” with the training and consulting to the resources you already have.  You can manage the overload in you department at very little cost. 

          KEBCOR.COM offers comprehensive support services assistance at low cost. All services are personalized and specifically customized for your department.  

          KEBCOR.COM provides organizational development and on site technical assistance for pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of adding additional personnel to your already reduced budget.  

          KEBCOR.COM support services allows you to complete projects, reduce costs, and maximize efficiency in your department.  

          For a brief summary of the support services can provide you, please click here.

          Please let me know if can be of assistance to you.

George Burnetti



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