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Suicide Recognition and Intervention

Suicide Recognition and Intervention SeminarSummary: Unfortunately, we can all probably relate to knowing a co-worker, family member, friend, loved one or business associate who has committed suicide. The shock of this is generally followed by questions, why, how could we have seen this coming, and was there anything we could have done to prevent it?.  (program details)

Duration: This one-day program will examine the areas of suicide recognition, prevention and intervention strategies by exploring this phenomenon as it cuts across demographic lines and impacts our lives, the workplace, the organization, and our families. 

Instructor: Taught by Sgt. Michael Wargo, Illinois State Police (Ret.), a prior Senior Hostage/Suicide Intervention instructor and F. B. I. Anti-Terrorism Unit designee. He has work experience handling suicide situations, has worked Comm. Center, and published Hostage/Suicide articles which complement his teaching.  Negotiator. He is currently an instructor and trainer of law enforcement and telecommunication for

Topics Covered in this Course: 

Students will interact in a learning environment that will allow each the opportunity to learn, develop and apply behaviors to: 

The Phenomenon of Suicide

Roots and Causes

Demographics of Suicide

Suicide Assessment


Warning Signs

Pre-Suicidal Conditions and Clues

Workplace Violence

Suicide Recognition, Prevention and Intervention

Case Studies & Practical Exercises

Program Details: 

    The program will focus on how you and your organization can distinguish and identify the various types of destructive behaviors which convey a larger suicide, workplace violence potential or risk. We can do something to prevent, safely intervene and eliminate the act from being carried out. We need to know what to look for.

Counseling     Case studies and practical exercises will be utilized to identify various workplace/social behavior indicators, potential suicide situations in which symptoms and warning signs are recognized and addressed, and  intervention initiated to mitigate and resolve the problem and help the person.

     Training in this area is vital.  The seminar is primarily designed for private sector personnel and supervisors who are the ones often confronted with this problem, its dynamics and how it affects the productivity and economics of the organization, and lives of those involved.

This program is a MUST for your personnel and Supervisors !