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Managing Small L. E. Agency


This contemporary, interactive, two-day class is specifically designed for the small agency with less than 50 sworn officers. It will provide current and future Executives, Commanders, and Supervisors of those agencies the information necessary to be an effective, efficient and innovative leader. The class discussions focus on current issues providing solutions to salient and difficult agency problems which in turn will enhance respect, and assist in the achievement of the agencies’ mission/goals.

Leadrship Updates
Funding Opportunities
What's Currently Available?
Innovative Program Development
Communications Technique
How to Avoid Votes of No Confidence
Maximizing Training
Minimizing Police Chief Liability
Practical Tips for New Police Chiefs
Violence in the Workplace
Sharing Resources
New Ideas in Internal Affairs
Current Trends You Need to be Prepared for
Police Chief Career Killers
Practical Exercise


Leading by Legacy
Leadership Vision
Resources, Mistakes
Organizational Culture
Leadership Keys to Success.

Sharing opportunities for Exemplary Programs
Availability of Exemplary Programs
Proven Communication Methods
Outlined and Defined to get proper results.
Tips, Strategies, and Tactics
Good Policies
Mandatory training
Required training.
Major Categories,
Whom to Train in What and Why.
Career Liabilities,
Tips to avoid liabilities.
Discovery and avoidance of threats.
Why, When, How and What,
and MORE.
A system to correct and eliminate problems with identified employees.
Identification of trends
Need for planning
Identification and Discussion
Ways to avoid
Case study group work on problems presented
Tying in concepts and principles discussed and learned.

Your Instructor: Chief Paul Schultz (Ret), with forty years of Law Enforcement experience, now serves as Director of Peace Officer Standards and Training for the State of Colorado.  Prior to being appointed to this position by the Attorney General of Colorado he was Chief of Police for 15 years (71/2 years in La Vista, NE and 81/2 years in Lafayette, CO).  He has taught this program for 15 years to representatives from over 2000 law enforcement agencies from every state.  He has a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Management from the University of Colorado at Denver.  He is a graduate of the FBI LEEDS program, the FBI LEEDA program, the Senior Management Institute for Police and the New England Institute for Law Enforcement Management.  He was Chief of Police of the Year in Nebraska; Boulder County, Colorado Chief of Police of the Year; Weber Seavey Award Winner for Quality in Law Enforcement, and Colorado Pioneer Award Winner for Innovation in Law Enforcement. Director Schultz teaches this program for and teaches Criminal Justice courses for Metropolitan State College in Denver and for Regis University. He is also an expert witness in the 10th Circuit Federal Court. 

Chief Schultz would need a Power Point Projector, screen, flip chart on a stand and a white board, to teach this class.

Please contact us if you'd like this class to be presented to Chiefs, Sheriffs, Command and Supervisory Staff and their personnel in your area, by your agency or M.T.U. Additional information is available. Contact: George 847-362-5144

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