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Management of Police Response
 for Hostage Barricade Incidents

Summary: This program will provide guidance in the development of a policy to manage police response to a hostage/barricade incident. A good departmental hostage/barricade policy will provide the involved officer with clear operational guidelines.  (program details)

Duration: One Day (This topic and others may be combined or shortened to present a customized one or two day program)

Results: Attendees will be able to apply newly learned skills to assist them in handling these and many other crisis calls more effectively.

Instructor: Taught by Sgt. Michael Wargo, Illinois State Police (Ret.), a prior Senior Hostage Negotiator. He is currently an instructor and trainer of law enforcement and telecommunication for

Topics Covered in this Course: 

Students will interact in a learning environment that will allow each the opportunity to learn, develop and apply behaviors to: 

First Response to Hostage/Barricade Incidents. Detailed Information

Introduction to Crisis Management. Detailed Information

Command and Control. Detailed Information

Legal and Policy Issues. Detailed Information

Media Issues. Detailed Information

Practical Exercise. Detailed Information

Program Details: 

     The purpose of this one day course is to acquaint and educate police hostage negotiators, command personnel and tactical officers with the policy framework, as well as the legal issues that will guide the management of the initial police response to a hostage/barricade incident. 

     Department policies will be discussed from the point of view to the qualities of a good department policy for dealing with these types of situations. The ultimate goal of a policy is to provide the officer(s) actually involved with an incident with guides lines for their conduct.

(Any of the topics contained within this one day program may be combined with other topics to provide a customized  program for your specific requirements.)

Training in these areas is vital.  Completing this one-day seminar will enable the attendees to more effectively manage the first response to these incidents and many other crisis calls.

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