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Here is an introduction to our Police Department focused Programs

Police Officer Survival Tactics Coping with Mass Destruction
Basic Crisis Negotiation Course

Criminal Patrol Drug Enforcement
Conducting Complete Traffic Stops

School Violence - Law Enforcement Preparation/Response


Police Officer Survival Tactics
Although most officers see their job as risky, they still have a tendency to fall prey to routine thinking.  Every officer should be reminded and retrained in risk detection and avoidance on a regular basis.
Purpose: This two-day life-saving seminar provides essential knowledge and techniques for risk detection and avoidance. It is designed to improve officer preparedness and self-confidence. 
Duration: Two Days
Expected Outcome:  Designed to improved officer preparedness and self-confidence, this seminar is intended to refresh the participants in basic survival skills as well as bring them up to date on new thinking and techniques that could save their lives.
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Basic Crisis Negotiation Course

Line and tactical personnel who have not had hostage training, should attend this course.  Experienced negotiators may also want to attend to use the program as refresher training and/or use the material fir training departmental personnel. 

Purpose: This five-day course will provide the student with tools to improve competency in handling crisis incidents through increased self-confidence, minimizing mistakes, saving lives and protecting the community. 

Duration: Five Days (40 hours)

Expected Outcome:  Upon completion of the course, the student will have been provided information and participated in hands-on table top scenarios, case studies, tactical, communication, command and intelligence gathering exercises that will improve competency in handling crisis incidents.

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Coping With Mass Destruction
Summary: This full-day program will enable the student to better deal with the threat of, as well as actual incidents of mass destruction.  Focused on the threat that terrorism poses in today's world, the program explores goals of terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, response handling, and negotiation techniques.
Purpose: As terrorism continues to be a major threat to everyday life, law enforcement agencies need to have a better understanding of terrorists, their background, philosophies and motivations as well as methods and procedures in place in the event of an incident of mass destruction.
Duration: One Day - May be custom-tailored for shorter periods or for inclusion in other broader customized programs.
Expected Outcome: The student will be better prepared to identify and respond to  terrorists threats..
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Criminal Patrol Drug Enforcement - Conducting Complete Traffic Stops
Summary: This fast-paced course is intended for patrol officers and supervisors who want to become more effective in detecting and arresting criminals operating motor vehicles including drug users, drug traffickers, fugitives and gang members.  The training focuses on objective criteria for criminal interdiction and not so-called profiling techniques.
Purpose: Provides fundamental initial training for newly-appointed FTO's stressing training technique, motivation and leadership principles.
Duration: Two Days - May be custom-tailored for shorter periods.
Expected Outcome: Increased professionalism for Patrol Officers, supervisors and FTO's, and a resulting improvement in overall training within the agency.
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School Violence - Law Enforcement Terrorism Preparation/Response
Summary: This course provides information on the types of individuals or groups that commit violence in schools The use of this information  will lead to better contingency planning by law enforcement, communication centers, EMS, school, government officials and community to prevent incidents of violence, and better respond to them when they occur, to apprehend the perpetrator, control, evacuate, recover and minimize injuries during this criminal event and protect our most important valuable resource, our children.
Purpose: Law Enforcement assumes a critical role in handling these incidents to save lives and for the completion of a successful criminal investigation.
Duration: One Day - This course complements our one day seminar for Law Enforcement: " Dispatcher Terrorism Preparation and Response for School Violence"  (click for details) Both Seminars can be presented on consecutive days to update, keep current and coordinate activities of the First Responders and the Communication Center should such an incident occur.
Expected Outcome: Upon completion of the course, the student will have participated in discussions, case studies, and intelligence analysis exercises that will improve competency in preparing for and handling school crisis incidents.
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