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Police Officer Survival Tactics

Summary: On a regular basis, every officer should be reminded of, and retrained in, risk detection and avoidance. This life-saving seminar provides those essential knowledge and techniques. (program details)

Duration: Two Days

Results: Designed to improved officer preparedness and self-confidence, this seminar is intended to refresh the participants in basic survival skills as well as bring them up to date on new thinking and techniques that could save their lives.

Instructor: Ron Adams, Special Agent (Ret.) Riverside, California Police Department .  A 28 year veteran, he is widely known and recognized as an expert in police officer safety and survival.   He is the co-author of the text "Street Survival".  Through his teaching and writing efforts, he has transferred his police officer survival techniques to law enforcement officers internationally.

Some of the Topics Covered in this Seminar: 
Throughout the seminar, officers will be encouraged to share knowledge of successful tactics as well as advice on avoiding dangerous tactics.

Communicating for Survival

Reading Danger Signs and Assessing Body Language

Approach Techniques

Family Disturbance Safety Options

Mental and Physical Control of Suspect and Self

Contact and Cover

Proper Use of Force

Vehicle Stop Tactics and Extraction

Program Details: . Although most officers see their job as risky, they still have a tendency to fall prey to routine thinking.  Although any contact with the public can escalate into a confrontation, the vast majority do not.  Because so few do, an officer may lose the edge necessary to see and hear the minute clues indicating a worsening situation.  This seminar is intended to refresh the participants in basic survival skills and bring them up to date on new thinking and techniques. Goals of this two-day Officer Survival seminar.

Who Should Attend: Every officer should be reminded of, and retrained in risk detection and avoidance on a regular basis.  Each year threats to officer safety occur which result in damage, injury or death many could have been minimized or eliminated through effective training.  The knowledge gained from this seminar could be life saving! This is an outstanding and dynamic seminar and,
You Should Attend!

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