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Disaster Incident Management
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Table of Content
Police Programs
Officer Survival
Crisis Negotiation
Domestic Violence Reporting
Disaster Incident Management
Law Enforcement Role in School Violence
Terrorism/WMD Incidents
Police Preparedness and Response to Terrorism
CompleteTraffic Stops - Criminal Patrol Drug Enforcement
Command Course for Hostage/Barricade Incidents
Managing the Police Response to a  Hostage/Barricade Incidents
First Response to Hostage/Barricade Incidents
Suicide Recognition and Intervention
Crisis Negotiation for Tactical Officers
Hostage Negotiation/Suicide Intervention for Telecommunicators
Time Management -
Cooper Model of Modern Law Enforcement
Improving Police Operations While
21st Century Law Enforcement
Culture and Character
Culture and Character - 1 Day
Culture and Character - 2 Days
Support Services
Kebcor Support Service Assistance (Cont.)
Dispatcher Programs
Wellness & Stress Management
Homeland Security - Terrorism Preparedness and Response Seminar
Hostage Negotiation - Suicide Intervention for Telecommunicators
Disaster Incident Management
Hostage Negotiation/Suicide Intervention for Telecommunicators
Dispatcher Performance Enhancement - The Power to Change
Dispatcher Role in School Violence
Suicide Recognition and Intervention for Dispatchers
Crisis Call Taking
Unconditional Respect
Suicide Recognition and Intervention
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