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Incident Command System
Training for Dispatchers

Summary: The Department of Homeland Security has indicated that the National Incident Management System (NIMS) concepts and principles and Incident Command System (ICS) for incident management must be used and implemented in day to day emergency operations by all state and local jurisdictions and tribal governments as a condition for the receipt of FY06 preparedness funding from all federal departments and agencies.  (program details)

Duration: Two Days

Course Availability: This course is available on demand for on site delivery and hosting.

Results: This two-day class for communication personnel is designed to keep Communications Center personnel up to date in this vital area during emergencies.

Topics Covered in this Seminar: 

Day One

Crisis Management Preparation and Responsibilities for Communication Personnel

Incident Command System Objectives, Strategies and Tactics for Dispatch Performance 

Functional Areas and ICS Positions for Interfacing and Support of Command

Day Two

Functional Areas and ICS Positions (cont.)

Organizational Flexibility During or After and Event

Delegation of Authority and Management by Objectives in the Communication Center

Federal Homeland Security Objectives and Presidential Directives Utilizing Unified Command and the Impact on Communication Centers

Who Should Attend: Each year Critical Incidents occur which result in damage, injury or death that could have been minimized or eliminated through effective communication and management.  This is the most anticipated, outstanding and dynamic seminar of the year. 
You Should Attend!

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