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Improving Police Operations
While Reducing Liability

Summary: This sixteen hour training program is for Police Supervisors, Command Officers, Chief Executive Officers, and those who desire to become Chief Executive Officers. It is designed to assist in improving Police Operations, but, at the same time, Reducing Liability.

Duration: Two Days

Results: Through practical application of the skills taught during this training program, attendees will be better able to improve operations in their respective agency.

Instructor: Taught by Paul D. Schultz, Police Chief, Canon City, Colorado and currently an instructor and trainer of law enforcement and telecommunication for

Topics Covered during this Training: 

Students will interact in a learning environment that will allow each the opportunity to learn, develop and apply behaviors to: 

Day One: Section One - Individual Agency Assessment

Day One: Section Two - How to Review Operation Categories


Technology Update

The value of and how to develop a De-escalation training program

Community Policing
Crime Analysis
Professional Standards Unit
Strategic Planning
Feedback Systems
Critical Event Management

Day One: Section Three - Review of Focus Areas

Why Management and Leadersgip are both critical.

Continuous Improvement as a philosophy

Liability Reduction

Employee Satisfaction - Improving Morale - Reducing Turnover - Servant Leader

How to improve Community Service

Day Two: Section One - Recommendations from The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing

Building Trust and Legitimacy

Policy and Oversight
Technology and Social Media
Community Policing and Crime Prevention
Training and Education
Officer Wellness and Safety

Day Two: Section Two - Preventing Future Lawsuits

Twelve Critical Tasks

Emerging Areas for Lawsuits


Off-Duty Conduct

  Animal Cases
  Tactical Supervision

Day Two: Section Three - Transforming Underperforming Police Agencies into High Performance Organizations
  Commonalities of Underperforming Agencies
  Making Positive Changes
  Avoiding Leadership Mistakes
Day Two: Section Four - Practical Improvement Planning Exercise

You Should Attend This Training!

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