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Hostage Negotiation - Suicide Intervention for Law Enforcement Personnel

Summary: This program examines the role of Law Enforcement Personnel in responding to hostage takers or suicidal persons. Responding personnel are often the first contacts in situations such as these and are asked to utilize their best skills in implementing the organization's policy to keep the situation from getting worse.

Duration: One Day

Results: Attendees will be able to apply newly learned skills to assist them in handling these and many other crisis calls more effectively.

Instructor: Taught by Sgt. Michael Wargo, Illinois State Police (Ret.), a prior Senior Hostage Negotiation. He is currently an instructor and trainer of law enforcement and telecommunication for

Topics Covered in this Seminar: 

Students will interact in a learning environment that will allow each the opportunity to learn, develop and apply behaviors to: 

First Response to Hostage/Barricaded Incident. (1 hour)

Initial Steps to Contain and Prevent Worsening of Incident

Communicating With Responders and Command

Assessing Offenders

Aid to Injured

Briefing Officers

Additional Notifications - Obtaining Additional Information

Psychological Issues. (3 hours)

Compare and Contrast Psychological Issues for Proper Response
Criminal, Mental Subjects, Inadequate Personalities, Loose Groups, Terrorist Groups
As Threats to Security and Safety.

Identify Negotiation Guidelines for Each Group.

Surrender Checklist

Suicidal Subjects.

Need for Suicide Intervention

Identify Reasons for Attempting Suicide

Analyze Suicide Clues and Guilt

Techniques to Diffuse Attempts

Proper Communication Responses

Identify Suicide By Cop Indicators

Communication Skills.

Qualities of Good Communication

Communication Model for:

Intelligence Gathering

Problem Solving

Proper Evaluation and Solution to Crisis

Police/Communication Stress.

Symptoms of Stress

Methods for Combating/Reducing Stress

Awareness of Command Responsibilities Regarding Stress

Program Details: 

This program examines the role of Law Enforcement in dealing with these critical situations.   This training will provide law enforcement personnel the ability to utilize their best skills in implementing the organizationís policy on Hostage takers and suicidal persons to keep the situation from getting worse. Training in these areas is vital.  Completing this one-day seminar will enable the attendees to respond more effectively to these incidents and many other crisis situations.

Who Should Attend: All Law Enforcement Personnel who want to improve these goals and behaviors will find this program stimulating, informative and beneficial. Both supervisory and operational personnel are urged to attend to receive instruction on a definite and easy to follow plan for achieving personal and agency goals.  

You Should Attend This Seminar!

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