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Homeland Security Training on Dispatchers Role in Terrorism / Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents

Summary: Given these unsettled times and the threats to our lives and liberty that have exposed our vulnerabilities, there is an urgent need for effective planning and preparation for a WMD incident. The Dispatcher assumes a critical role in handling these incidents to save lives and for the completion of a successful criminal investigation. This is why you should attend this timely seminar.
Your Instructor: Sgt. Michael Wargo (Ret), previously Illinois State Police representative to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Chicago , and presented by KEBCOR.COM.
Seminar Content: Students will be given instruction and a topical outline on the following areas. They will then participate in a SIMULATED, PRACTICAL WMD EXERCISE to reinforce learning.  They should be aware of their agencies policies regarding their role and the response to WMD.
Definition of a terrorist, terrorist group, organization, operation, goals and philosophies.
Discussion of the five types of WMD; Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological and Incendiary.
Identification of the nature and effects of these weapons, and the Telecommunicators Role in WMD incidents, before, during and after an incident occurs.
Cooperate in coordinating priorities of concerns to First Responders; Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Personnel employing effective safe procedures for personnel and injured; proper handling of information on rescue, search, recovery, evacuation, and suspect apprehension.
Review a checklist for handling a WMD call and awareness of the need to know and describe hazards typically encountered during a WMD incident.

Who Should Attend: As terrorism continues to be a major threat to everyday life, there is a need to have a better understanding of terrorists, their background, philosophies and motivations as well as preventative methods and response and recovery procedures in place in the event of an incident of mass destruction. If your agency is not prepared to cope in this critical area, then . . . .
  You Should Attend!

This seminar complements our one day Homeland Security seminar for First Responders: " Police Response to Terrorism/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents"  (click for details) Both Seminars can be presented on consecutive days to update, keep current and coordinate activities of the First Responders and the Communication Center should such an incident occur.

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