Disaster Incident Mgt
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kebcor.com - Real-life Programs for "What You Do"

Disaster Incident Management
for Call Receivers


This is an interactive working class, that will allow students to discuss and identify their level of awareness, and preparedness to both natural or man made disasters in their area.

Given a lecture, discussion, videos' of terrorist events, and student handout to guide them, the class will work on an exercise/project to emphasize evaluating the risk of a disaster, the agencies vulnerability, and what needs to be done to reduce or eliminate it.

What intelligence information should be gathered before an event occurs, during the Initial Call, and proper operational Protocols from notifications to investigative assistance will be outlined for Call Receivers in addition to their Incident Command System Interface responsibilities.

Students will identify what will be needed to prepare staff for extended disaster incident events, utilize post incident management debriefing, stress reduction and communication center operational recovery needs.

This program will give students a solid, useful professional foundation for effective and efficient preparation, handling, directing proper response and recovery notifications and units for Disaster Incident Events.


Your instructor is Chief Bill Cooper (Ret.), Bainbridge Island, Washington. He is currently Director of Criminal Justice Programs at Northwest University, and has earned two Masters degrees. Prior Senior Manager for Corporate Security at Microsoft and T-Mobiile Corporations.

Bill is the author of two books on terrorism, and co-author on a third. He is a certified anti-terrorism instructor and has presented his programs nationally. His programs contain the most current information directly related to the needs of law enforcement and communication personnel.

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