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Crisis Negotiation for Tactical Officers
and First Responders


OVERALL INSTRUCTION:  Instruction will begin by covering the basic theoretical and practical aspects of Crisis Negotiation with emphasis on Homeland Security.  This will serve as the framework for overall instruction.  As the class progresses, more detailed instruction will be added to augment the gathering of information building on the foundation that has been laid in previous instruction blocks.  Instruction will conclude with the attendees having the opportunity to conduct their own crisis/negotiation operation given a set of facts taken from other incidents.  Each attendee will continue the same scenario as the previous attendee(s).

METHOD OF INSTRUCTION: The class will utilize lecture and discussion, supplemented by videos and practical exercises.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES:  At the end of this course of instruction, the attendees will be able to:

 Distinguish between the proper first responses from one that is not proper to mitigate damage, injury or death.

 List basic negotiation functions in addition to proper dialogue and information gathering.

 Identify the types of individuals/groups who might take hostages in crisis situations in addition to criminals or terrorists.

 Compare the difference between expressive and instrumental hostage takers.

 List the different tactics to be used in crisis situations for different hostage taker types.

 Identify methods that negotiators, tactical personnel and incident command can be used in tandem to bring a successful resolution to the incident.

 Identify the legal and policy concerns to bring a proper resolution to a crisis/hostage incident.

Any of the topics contained within this two-day program may be combined with other subject matter to create customized one or two day programs to meet your specific needs.



Introduction to Crisis Negotiation (2 hours)

First Response to Crisis/Barricade/Suicide Incidents (2 hours)

Psychological Issues-Types of Hostage Takers and Motives (4 hours)



Legal/Policy Issues (1 hour)

Suicide Intervention (3 hours)

Case Studies (2 hours)

Practical Exercises (2 hours)

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Who Should Attend: All tactical officers, negotiators, first responders  and supervisors who want to improve these behaviors in coordination with homeland security goals will find this program informative, interactive and beneficial. Both supervisory and operational personnel are urged to attend to receive instruction on a definite and easy to follow plan for achieving personal and agency goals. If you are a tactical officer, negotiator, first responder or supervisor,

You Should Attend This Seminar!


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