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Forty Hour Crisis Negotiation Course

Who should attend this 40 hour course:  Course Outline
Line and tactical personnel who have not had hostage training.
Negotiators with experience can attend and use the program as refresher training and/or as material for training departmental personnel.  

Course Completion: Upon completion of the course the student will have crisis negotiatorsbeen provided information and participated in hands on table top scenarios, case studies, tactical, communication, command and intelligence gathering exercises that will improve their competency in handling these crisis incidents by increasing their self confidence, minimizing mistakes, saving lives and protecting the community.  Students will be required to achieve a passing score on a written examination at the completion of the program. 

 Typical Course Outline (May be customized for your specific agency)

Day One

Course Opening and Introduction to Crisis Negotiation.

First response to Hostage/Barricade, Suicide, Mentally Ill, Terrorist and Substance Abuse Incidents.

Psychological Issues.

Day Two

Legal/Policy Issues discussed relating to the handling of Crisis Incidents.

Forming and Staffing of Command Post, Tactical Operations Center , Negotiation Operation Center

Intelligence Operations.

Suicide Intervention.

Day Three

Command and Control Center Duties and Decision Making.

Communication Skills Enhancement.

Active Listening Techniques.

Day Four

Discussion and Evaluation of Case Studies.

Tactical Exercises Utilizing Table Top Scenarios and Group Work Relative to Command Post Decisions on Deployment and Actions.

Day Five

Media Issues and the Proper Response/s to the Media.

Practical Exercises –The Dynamics of Actual Crisis Negotiation Role Playing Will Be Experienced.

Discussion and Evaluation of Decisions, Stress Involved, Actions and Results.

Final Written Examination, Course Evaluation and Closing.


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