Crisis Call Taking - Real-life Programs for "What You Do"

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In this interactive class, during lecture, workbook, guided discussion and group participation, the student, whether new or experienced, will identify, discuss and apply skills presented that will enable them to be “at the ready” for any type of crisis.  These skills will allow them to be better organized, and more competent, by improving both day-to-day operations and operations during crisis calls. Crisis Calls are occurring more frequently and with differing severity, this program will give students a solid, useful foundation for handling these types of calls.

Program Content:

Course Topics:

Call Taking Basics and Types of Crisis
Call Handling and Obstacles to Helping the Crisis Caller
Technology update and Crisis Call “Add On”
Successful Crisis Call Handling
Incident Command and Crisis Calls
Adapting to, handling and reducing stress from Crisis Calls.



Your Instructor:

Nancy Ann Slater NANCY ANN MARTIN, PSAP Supervisor of Training and Evaluation, Bolingbrook, Illinois Police Department. A twelve year veteran, who for the past ten years served as a trainer for 9-1-1, and develops course documentation for all new technology implementation in both the police and fire service. She has received departmental commendations for handling Crisis, Hostage and Armed Violence Calls.


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