Unconditional Respect
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Foundations for Improved Communications Center Respect & Customer Service

Summary: Given a lecture, workbook, guided discussion and group interaction, this program will guide participants through obtaining these behaviors, with emphasis on Human Resource and Customer Service Improvement, enhanced through Foundations for Building and Unleashing Respect. 

Identification of Critical Issues of:  Humanity, Context, and Justice and Compassion that prepare communication center members for the public trust invested in them to handle calls for life saving help.  (1.5 Hours)  

List and work through the effect of Vital Issues of Communication Center Culture that are spontaneous and dangerous.    (1.0 Hour)

Identify and analyze the Source of Solid Organizational Culture, and identify ways to assist in Unleashing the Power of Unconditional Respect to effect organizational change and improve sensitivity and customer service. (1.5 Hours)

Identify and analyze how Organizational Culture Exudes into our Communities,  and how Unconditional Respect affects the Communication Centers interaction with the community in terms of customer service, and how it creates and builds high character. (1.5 Hours)

Review and Discuss the Critical Issues outlined, and Identify and discuss a Model of Skill Set Development that involves instinctual responses to fear as it relates to dialogue and the components of courageous communications: to communicate collegially, listen actively with empathy, ask questions on point and relate respectfully, to achieve the goal of Building a Foundation for Unleashing The Building and Receiving of the Power of Unconditional Respect in your Communication Center. (2.5 Hours)

Duration: This is a one day class

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