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Culture and Character in Quantum Leadership for Respect

This is a timely, proactive and challenging class for all levels of organizational personnel, designed to inspire trust, dignity and respect for the police department and the community they serve by exploring the identification and mitigation of factors that link the tasks of law enforcement to complaints, litigation and loss of community trust and support.

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Kebcor.com's Mission

To enhance public safety, communication and private sector personnel in the delivery of services through the development of competent professionals representing agencies in the field of administration of justice and human  resources.

Meet the increasing demand for the continuing need to deliver relevant, cost saving,  public safety, communication and human resource development programs, for public and private sector agencies and personnel. To register for future Kebcor.com courses, click here.

Kebcor.com programs are taught by a highly-qualified instructional staff of law enforcement professionals.  Meet our Personnel

We promote excellence in both job related and personal knowledge, concepts, skills, abilities and values that will assist diverse customers and consumers in achieving their career development and organizational goals.

All of our programs can be customized to compliment your agency's education programs.  Our programs will reinforce, refresh and expand on your "in house" training.

"Leading Beyond Tradition,
Cooper Model of Law Enforcement Course

is impressive and attractive on two fronts:
1) The ease of its implementation, and
2) its immediate return on capital invested.
During the seminar we identified waste in our existing processes and implemented workflow improvements that should save over $200,000."
- Chief Jeff Bakers

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Improving Police Operations
While Reducing Liability

This new Two Day Kebcor.com program taught by Chief Paul D. Schultz is designed to assist in Improving Police Operations, but, at the same time, Reduce Liability.

Through practical application of the skills taught during this training program, attendees will be better able to improve operations in their respective agency.

Individual Agency Assessment
How to Review Operation Categories
Review of Focus Areas
Recommendations from The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing
Preventing Future Lawsuits
Transforming Underperforming Police Agencies into High Performance Organizations
Practical Improvement Planning Exercise


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